19 mai 2008


Nickelback - Savin' Me
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"First you feel hollow and empty inside, your friends want you to talk, you can't confide... your heart starts to melt, your eyes turn to stone, you feel you can't go on, you feel so alone...you cry so much, it starts to ache, you wonder how much more you can take... you don't think you can, you just have to try, you suck it all up and hold your head high... If you have experienced any of the above, you might have been falling out of love..."

Asa se descria undeva o inima inghetata... "a frozen heart" are si simptomele de mai sus... eu as mai spune ca e inima unui om care si-a pus sentimentele la pastrare pentru acel moment in care va putea sa le ofere fara teama,fara perdea,fara false pudori... o inima care pur si simplu refuza sa se deschida oricui,oricum,oriunde... inima unui om care deocamdata nu se are decat pe el insusi,dar care nu vrea sa-si aline singuratatea in brate straine... e inima unui om care stie ca are viitorul in fata si ca ce-i al lui e pus deoparte,dar pur si simplu nu se arunca in relatii la-ntamplare,cautand consolare si companie... oricat i s-ar spune sa-ncerce,pur si simplu nu poate... si stie de ce... si continua sa astepte...

P.S.: Pentru tine, ( "Because all I have for now is myself..."),pentru mine,pentru noi,pentru un timp ce va sa vina...

"Someday, somehow
gonna make it allright but not right now
I know you're wondering when
(You're the only one who knows that) "

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